Thursday, December 12, 2013

"The Fraternity" #1 Alternate Colors & "Swamp Bait"

If you've taken a gander at my latest work on "The Fraternity" #1 from Titanium Comics, you may recall seeing my husband's name Carlos Nicolas Zamudio listed under the artist credit next to mine. He did an alternate set of colors that weren't used in the final product, but you can see some of his work for the comic online. Check it out:

You can find more of his colors for "The Fraternity" (not to mention, more of my work on the issue) and his colors other comic pages in his gallery HERE, some of which I've also drawn.

Nick has been my artistic rival since we met, and we're still equally talented between our different strengths. If you haven't gathered by now, he's crushed me in the coloring department, but you might be surprised to hear that he is first and foremost a penciler/inker. He has some really incredible work that should not go unseen. He just launched a cool horror comic of his own, "Swamp Bait," which you can see HERE, and you should see.

And Happy Holidays, folks!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

"The Fraternity, #1" Pages Added

If you'd like to see some of my work for "The Fraternity, #1," I've added several of the inked pages like the one below to my Comics Gallery. Thanks for looking!

As before, you can order (HERE) or see the official preview (HERE):
I hope you Americans all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Fraternity #1 Available

The wait wasn't too long, was it? This is my first professionally published, complete issue. (Meaning there's plenty more than 8 pages to it!) I penciled, inked, and designed concepts for "The Fraternity" by Titanium Comics. It's also one of their very first issues, as they're a new comics publisher.

Here's the cover art, which you can find in my Illustrations gallery and other social media sites:
You can order the issue here: ORDER
And you can also preview it here: PREVIEW

I'm proud to be a part of Titanium's first batch of titles. I hope I help them gain the attention they deserve; they've certainly got a good-looking start. They have some other titles out as well that look great, and I'm honored to have my art among them.

I'm also pretty proud of the work I did on this one. I hope you guys like it too! If and when you read it, let me know what you think!

Here's to "The Fraternity!"

Friday, September 20, 2013


I know all two of you have been dying to hear what I've been working on! Well, I'm still under contract and can't explain most of it, but I can tell you that I've been working on one project with a new comic publisher, Titanium Comics, and the other with one of my favorite writers, Cullen Bunn!

While I can't say any more, in the meantime, here's my very first published comic!

As I've mentioned before and as you've seen in my gallery, I drew a mini comic written by the incredible John Arcudi for the anthology "REAL WEST." After viewing the preview in my gallery for so long, you can finally read the whole thing by ordering it *nudge nudge* on Comixology HERE! (It's only $0.99!) Thanks to Chris Schweizer, MonkeyBrain Comics, and Comixology.

And, as a treat to you folks for bearing with me while I haven't been able to show you exactly what I've been working on for so long, here's a sketch from my Tumblr:

Cheers and talk to you later!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Post Heroes and Current Projects

Hey folks!

So Heroes Con this year was an overall success. It was my first time tabling, so I learned a lot about that. Unfortunately, I didn't sell nearly as much as I expected to, but I it was more than worth it for all of the great people I met and all the fun I had there. Hopefully next year it just won't be as much of a detriment to my wallet.

I have a lot of merchandise left over, so I might start an online store to get rid of it. What do you think of that?

In other news, I'll let you know what my current work status is. I'm working with Titanium Comics on a great story, after which I'm making plans for my first miniseries with one of my favorite people in the industry. I'll fill you in once we've signed the papers.

Jason Aaron, current writer on Marvel's X-Men, tweeted my redesign of Toad which I finished just in time for the Con. Here's a preview! (You can see the full image in my gallery.)

I'm also writing an essay on Toad for myself in my free time, but I figure I'll post it here or on DeviantArt once I finish it. Tell me what you think!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tumblr Sketches

Hey y'all!

I was lucky enough to meet Skottie Young the other day when he came to visit SCAD. He mentioned his routine was to do a warm-up sketch, which he would upload online, and then get to work. When I heard this, I knew this was what I had to start doing, and I recommend it to others. This routine allows me to warm up before I get to work, practice quickening my pace, draw things I usually wouldn't and so do valuable research, and give myself an excuse to make use of my Tumblr account!

So now you can start following me on Tumblr! Or just go here if you want to see my sketch of ancient Thor:

My husband joined me in this Thor sketch challenge too! Hopefully I can convince him to post his as well. If so, I'll edit this post to link it.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Updated Gallery

Hey folks!

I wanted to make sure my galleries were all up to date, so I included some projects that I haven't before. The new additions this time are as follows:

3 pages of the Western comic anthology piece on which I collaborated with John Arcudi.
5 pages of a personal project of mine where I am writer and penciler, and my husband Nick Zamudio is inker and colorist.
1 illustration to promote the upcoming revamp of a club I'm in, which I'll post soon enough on DeviantART.
I'm still getting accustomed to the formatting in the Blogspot posts. I added these thumbs here for detail shots, plus to help you find them in the gallery. I don't think they're too hard to find. What do you think?

I still haven't gotten my name changed! We're going through the Green Card application process, which takes quite a while.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Some Recent Projects

Well, I've been up to a couple things in the last few months. First of all, and most notably, in November, I was privileged to have the opportunity to illustrate a comic by the amazing John Arcudi, one of my idols. It should be arriving to Comixology soon. That was the most rewarding experience of my career life so far, and I hope to work with him again in the future. I might post a hint of it once it's out.

Otherwise, I've been handling many problems with my computer. It's too long and frustrating a story to tell. It seems like everything is starting to come together though. It's not all over yet, but it should be soon enough. While this was going on, I managed to complete an illustration for a contest for DeviantART, which I will post here. It's an homage to the book series Beautiful Creatures, which was recently adapted into a movie, which will be coming to theaters in February, I believe.

Also, I've designed my interpretation of the Beast Glatisant (a.k.a. the Questing Beast) from Arthurian mythology. You can guess why. I've been anxious to draw her, but it will be a while before I can use her. I also took it as an opportunity to practice with b/w balance and textures.

And that's all for now. Happy New Year. :)