Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tumblr Sketches

Hey y'all!

I was lucky enough to meet Skottie Young the other day when he came to visit SCAD. He mentioned his routine was to do a warm-up sketch, which he would upload online, and then get to work. When I heard this, I knew this was what I had to start doing, and I recommend it to others. This routine allows me to warm up before I get to work, practice quickening my pace, draw things I usually wouldn't and so do valuable research, and give myself an excuse to make use of my Tumblr account!

So now you can start following me on Tumblr! Or just go here if you want to see my sketch of ancient Thor:

My husband joined me in this Thor sketch challenge too! Hopefully I can convince him to post his as well. If so, I'll edit this post to link it.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Updated Gallery

Hey folks!

I wanted to make sure my galleries were all up to date, so I included some projects that I haven't before. The new additions this time are as follows:

3 pages of the Western comic anthology piece on which I collaborated with John Arcudi.
5 pages of a personal project of mine where I am writer and penciler, and my husband Nick Zamudio is inker and colorist.
1 illustration to promote the upcoming revamp of a club I'm in, which I'll post soon enough on DeviantART.
I'm still getting accustomed to the formatting in the Blogspot posts. I added these thumbs here for detail shots, plus to help you find them in the gallery. I don't think they're too hard to find. What do you think?

I still haven't gotten my name changed! We're going through the Green Card application process, which takes quite a while.