Thursday, December 12, 2013

"The Fraternity" #1 Alternate Colors & "Swamp Bait"

If you've taken a gander at my latest work on "The Fraternity" #1 from Titanium Comics, you may recall seeing my husband's name Carlos Nicolas Zamudio listed under the artist credit next to mine. He did an alternate set of colors that weren't used in the final product, but you can see some of his work for the comic online. Check it out:

You can find more of his colors for "The Fraternity" (not to mention, more of my work on the issue) and his colors other comic pages in his gallery HERE, some of which I've also drawn.

Nick has been my artistic rival since we met, and we're still equally talented between our different strengths. If you haven't gathered by now, he's crushed me in the coloring department, but you might be surprised to hear that he is first and foremost a penciler/inker. He has some really incredible work that should not go unseen. He just launched a cool horror comic of his own, "Swamp Bait," which you can see HERE, and you should see.

And Happy Holidays, folks!