Saturday, May 16, 2015

THE SIXTH GUN: VALLEY OF DEATH, Signing, & Heroes Con!

Well, it's 4 AM and it seems worthwhile right now, so yeah, I'll talk about how scarcely I use my social media again. Since I drifted away from my DeviantART days, I find myself not adjusting well to posting in other places online. It's unnatural to me, since I'm used to socializing with a specific set of friends instead of writing to a general void. Maybe it's because back then, I knew far better who I was posting for, and since I still consider myself unfamiliar with the comics industry and much more familiar with DeviantART, I just don't know who I'm posting for anymore, so I find myself not posting at all. I mean, the rest of the industry doesn't care for cheesy anime, so I'm kind of a fish out of water here. Honestly, the biggest help I got from art college was being told that there is such a thing as the comics industry, and conventions and networking are part of it. Man, I gotta loosen up!

And now for more gushing over Chris Schweizer, my idol and the guy who taught me almost everything else I value from my experience at art college, who gave me a much clearer idea of what I wanted to do with my art, and who introduced me to incredible writers John Arcudi and Cullen Bunn, among other folks. Where would I be without you, Chris? He's too humble to take any credit for making my career, although it's almost entirely through him that I've made anything of myself so far. In that Western Comics class, he introduced me to THE SIXTH GUN, which quickly became one of my favorite comic series ever. I was astounded when Cullen Bunn approached me to do THE REMAINS, which was an incredibly fulfilling project to work on and one that became very personal to me as I worked on it, which I hear is a less common occurrence than it ought to be, so I consider myself very, very lucky for it and all the opportunities I've had.


Now, I can't tell you guys how honored I am to be welcomed into THE SIXTH GUN team. Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, and Charlie Chu are such amazing guys. I still can't believe I'm here. The DeviantART fangirl in me shows up so often these days. I also love prequels like VALLEY OF DEATH. I love getting insight into the mysterious pasts of side characters, and they don't get much more mysterious than these handsome guys. I could go on. Anyway, it's real and it's happening, and you can buy it on June 3rd!



I will be doing a signing at Oxford Comics here in Atlanta the day VALLEY OF DEATH #1 hits the shelves from 6-9 PM! Do you want to own a comic with the very first signature I've ever given? Come to Oxford then and say hello to me!


I will be there! I'll update this with a table # when I get one. I'll have the first issue of VALLEY OF DEATH. Say hello to me!