Wednesday, June 3, 2015

VALLEY OF DEATH #1 is out!

It's been a big day today! The Sixth Gun: Valley of Death #1 hit shelves, I did a signing for it at Oxford Comics in Atlanta, and I turned in my two-week notice to quit my part-time job.

Valley of Death is available on Comixology HERE.

It's a real pleasure to work with this team. Not to mention, they're the nicest guys too. Brian Hurtt, as amazing an artist as he is, wrote this great story, and he did a damn fine job for his first solo writing gig. I enjoy drawing the hell out of it. Ryan Hill is mostly known for his coloring work on Rick & Morty, and this issue alone is a testament to what a versatile and talented colorist he is. Bill Crabtree has done some stellar work on the covers, and Charlie Chu is the most helpful and welcoming editor I could ask for. Thanks to all of those guys!

The signing went great! Thanks to everyone who stopped by, thanks to the folks at Oxford Comics for hosting me, and thanks to all the folks who bought a copy.

I'm quitting my part-time job! Maybe you didn't even know I have one, but I do, like a lot of people... but not for long anymore. I put in my two-week notice, and I'm ready to start life as a full-time comic artist. Nine-year-old me is currently weeping for joy that I actually made it and weeping in grief that I'm not drawing manga.

Well, I'm beat! It's been a busy day, and I still have another job to get up for in the morning. Thanks to everybody, and have a good night.