Friday, November 6, 2015

Pre-Order DUST TO DEATH + News

Hey folks! THE SIXTH GUN compilation of Valley of Death and Dust to Dust from Oni Press comes out December 2nd! This is the first trade of mine you can pick up, not to mention that Dust to Dust is amazing. You can pre-order it on Comixology HERE.

So... The news. This unfortunately is pretty big news in my life that I'd be remiss not to mention. My friends already know that I was mugged a couple weeks ago. I walking home at a mere 7:30 (like a true starving artist who can't afford a car), although I hadn't paid any mind to the days darkening so much sooner now. A gun was put to the back of my head, and my backpack was ripped off of me. I lost my computer and the recent work I've done for my current project (under wraps for the time being!) among other things. I wasn't hurt, and I'm doing pretty well in most respects except that it put me behind on my work, and a computer is a damn expensive thing for someone like me to lose... and something I need to have as an artist. So I got a new one, as much as it hurt my wallet.
I don't have a crowd funding system or anything set up (yet!), but if you'd like to support me, I suggest buying DUST TO DEATH. You'll be giving a little back to me, plus you'll get a darn good book out of it too! And thanks to those who do.

That should do it. Have a good one!